Empire Youth


Term Three 2019

In term three, we will begin our study of Luke. Where we have been breaking into large groups (boys in the hall and girls in the church) to go through the Youth Alpha Course together, we will now begin breaking into smaller groups, led by our Young Leaders (teens) to study the gospel of Luke once a fortnight.

The structure of Empire Youth will stay the same - we always start with hot drinks, snacks and some time to catch up. At 7:30, we play a game. After this, once a fortnight we have music with our band, followed by a talk from one of our Youth Leaders. On the other fortnight, in place of Alpha, we will spend the remaining hour or so of the night working through the book of Luke, one chapter at a time.

Our Youth leaders (18+) will be on hand to guide and help the Young Leaders (teens) as they teach and learn alongside their groups.

For our leaders (young and old) or those who are following along at home, this page will include all the content you need to delve deep into Luke with us. Our youth will each be given an ESV Scripture Journal of the book of Luke, letting them take this home with them (if they want) to read it over through the week. These Scripture Journals are light, small, and have note paper on every second page to encourage taking notes and asking questions. You don’t need one of these to join with us, but they are a great idea!

So, why exactly are we reading Luke? Luke wrote, not as a disciple of Jesus, but as a Doctor who gathered first-hand accounts of the life of Jesus. His writing is interesting and different for these reasons, and he placed a very high emphasis on accuracy of his accounts. It is detailed and intricate, but able to be understood. We particularly wanted to read a gospel, as we have a range of young people in our youth group, some of whom have read the bible through many times, and some who have never opened one in their life. We figure that Luke is a good inbetween - for those who have maybe read Matthew a few times, Luke might be fresh. But for those who haven’t read any of the gospels, it will give a good and accurate description of the life of Jesus.

Week One - Luke 1

We will start by watching the Overview Video for Luke Chapter 1-9.

Week Two - Luke Chapter 2

We will start tonight by watching the video on Luke Chapters 1-2. While we did start the book last fortnight (week one of our study), for the sake of having one video per week, and spacing them out as much as possible (we won’t have a video at all some weeks), we will watch the summation of chapters 1 and 2 this week. Hopefully this will actually be helpful, as it will remind us all of what we read last time we met!

Week three - Luke Chapter 3

This is the last week we will have a video for a while. Tonight’s video covers chapters 3-9. Don’t worry, you can go back and watch it again any time you like over the next six weeks of study.

Week Nine - Luke Chapter 9

This week we start off with a video again. This video covers chapters 9-19 and will give you a good overview of the themes through this part of the book. Next week will provide a bigger overview of the whole second “half” of the book.

Week Ten - Luke Chapter 10

This week we move into the second “half” of the book, and so we will begin with another overview video. Part 2 of the Bible Project’s Luke Video will give us a rough outline before we begin working through Chapter 10 together.

We will provide more details about chapter ten as we come closer to it (likely in Term 4 of 2019).

Week Nineteen - Luke Chapter 19

This is the second last video for our study on Luke. This video covers chapters 19-23.

Week Twenty Four - Luke Chapter 24

The final chapter, and the last video.